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Peren Jard was a Captain in the Sentinels of Visimontium. He originally came from humble beginnings in Mikona, where he got off to a rocky start. He tried to prove himself changed from his old ways when he moved to Visimontium.

He fought against the Drangonari and Angadarians when the city was threatened by them. He thrived in the chaotic magical field, created by the enemy, that crippled many of the magical defenders. He finally felt his worth when his glowing katana flashed in the dark slicing the mindbenders, whilst spellcasters looked forlornly at their fingers worried about what effects they might unleash should they utter even the tiniest cantrip.

Living in the city dedicated to the god of the vortex of mortal magic encouraged Peren to study long and hard to cast magic. His studies never got very far but he became competent enough to qualify to join the Red Order of the Flame.

He took a key role in the downfall of the troll elementalist Kazan by leading a troop to capture a troll who provided useful information under interrogation. Peren was always on hand to defend against the sporadic troll atacks during the rest of the Kazan crisis.

Captain Peren Jard passed away in the early part of 2181. Having made it clear that he was ready to leave Negaria for good, no attempts were made to revive him.