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Name: Joren Le'Igh
Race: Drangonari Male

Joren was born in Grantir. He showed an aptitude for mathematics at an early age, and thus was placed in training to be a statetician for the Grantir military.

A few years in to his training, an unfortunate mix-up concerning the students in the bottom 5% of his class landed him in an experiment whose objective was to create super-calculators for Grantir government. Joren was the only one who survived.

His altered mind was indeed amazing in its capacity for quantitative analysis. He quickly rose to the rank of Master Probibilitator, largely due to his determination of the Coefficient of Shaahesk Diefic Dysjunction. As the years progressed, however, his superiors began noticing very erratic behavior.

He developed a strange incurable form of epilepsy. While this was very frowned upon in Grantir (for the Drangonari tolerate little weakness) his usefulness was undeniable, and thus he continued to deliver stunningly intuitive results to whatever calculation his superiors required.

Soon it was noticed that when Joren concentrated too hard on a particular equation, the paper had a tendency to ignite. This was solved by giving him parchment soaked in water, but the situation continued to degenerate.

Jorens superiors began to fear him, for when he looked at them they could feel him delving in to their minds. Not wanting their secret plots revealed, nor wanting to lose their favorite calculator, they locked Joren in a cell where he was passed equations and food under the door. This continued for a few years, but eventually, out of sight and out of mind, he was forgotten.

Somehow, Joren survived 15 years unfed in the dark. He continued to work on the last equation he was given, writing on every surface of the cell until he ran out of room. Then he continued to calculate in his mind.

Then one day he solved the equation. It proved to him the existence of an omnipresent structure to the universe, and the existence of a point of origin from which reality extended.

Later that same day a guard looking for a place to urinate happened upon him. He was removed from the cell and interviewed, however no one could make sense of him. He constantly referred to "the lattice" and insited on seeing strange shapes around everything he saw.

Outliving his usefulness, he was removed from his cell and ejected from the state building that had been his home for 50 years. Having no function amongst the Drangonari, he set out to find the origin of the lattice he had proved in his mind.