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Name: Kaede Jr'ei'ren
Race: Half-Elven
Age: early 20's

Place of Origin: The Seven Cities (Redgate)

Description: Kaede is an attractive half-elven girl who appears to be in her early twenties and whose willowy body moves with the supple grace of a trained dancer. She is clad in clothing that is both well cared for and of high quality.

Long curly black hair that reaches to below her shoulder blades, which is normaly worn loose, frames a face whose features are more elven than human, She normaly wears an expression of bored indifference that gives the impression that only exeptional circustances will break her composure, although the twinkle in her green eyes says that this is simply a facade to hide her real feelings.

The sword she carries is of unusual design, being double handed with a slightly curved single edged blade *borrowed* from her father. ((in-game it's a Katana))

History: Kaede is the second to youngest daughter of a minor merchant family from the city of Red Gate. Something of a tomboy while growing up Kaede's antics caused her parents considerable problems, eventualy forcing them to send her north to live with friends residing within the Kuruthane Empire to be taught to behave like a lady.

Her family have traded mainly within the Kuruthane Empire untill now, but, due to a continuing series of minor scandals and indescretions since her return home her family have sent Kaede south to M'chek on the pretext of investigating the possibility of expanding their trading operations into Southern Avlis.

Kaede is proud of her elven blood and uses her mothers family name to express this.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Hurine

Motivation: To prove to her family that she can do the job she's been given.