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Name: Kanga

Why i am in Elysia?

Kanga is 20 years old. Serching out his skills of a Barbarian, trying to learn from different cultures their skills and ways of life. As hes a young Barbarian he needs to test himself and grow his Barbarian skills, with a trade to take back to the White-Bear clan.

His personality is a mix of his Farrell up bringing of curiuos of nature and a basic educated look on things but also has the Barbarian style of act and movement that sometimes slips into conversations

Also to tell the tales of his adventures back home and of word of outside going ons. He mearly is following a vision of the Mighty Polar bear in his dream to do these tasks.

Why a halfling Barbarian in White-Bear clan?

Kanga was only 10 and was a outcast Halfling within Ferrell. His real name is Xeo but was to be changed to Kanga later in his life. He was picked on by the children alot because of certain childish things. The way he acted, looked, or even when he spoke would get a beating. Kanga had a un-natural rage inside him and would go crazy and reckless at times. He knew that he was a danger and left Ferrel to find people who could help him......

Kanga travelled greats distances, even passed Delgos and onto the forests of Tyedu. In Tyedu Forests he was cold and frozen. He passed out and was picked up by White-Bear hunters and taken back to the villiage. There was a year gap in his mind that he can not remember much of only flash backs the words Tal-Kryte and Orc..... Its puzzled his mind even to this day.

They had never seen a halfling before and were curiuos. When Kanga came round, he sow elders staring at him...

He was quick later to offer thanks and told them of his problem with the rage inside him.... They where quick to see the rage within him and after much debating they took him into the clan. He was taken in by a lone Barbarian Elder. Kanga worked very hard farming and cleaning sweatie Hide armours but through hard work he earned their trust and respect. The Elders teached him on how to control the rage and it give him incrdiable strength and speed, but this was a lenghty process and over time he was quick to master it.