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Name: Melakin Skyweider Race: Human

  • Character's place of origin. A small village several leagues south of Ferrel
  • Character's history: Growing up in small farming community, Melakin was somewhat of a bother to his parents and other siblings. While a son of a farmer, he was never very interested in farm work. While thought lazy by his family he possessed a quick mind and wit and was still loved. This also lead him to be interested in things mechanical as well and he spent endless time tinkering with many items, taking them apart and reassembling (most of the time). Locks were of particular interest and as he became older this ability to open locked doors and chests became less cute and more suspicious. One day the mayor of the town found missing his prized crystal medallion and suspicion that Melakin took it was immediate. The result of this required Melakin to leave town in a hurry and he set out for the city of Mikona to seek his fortune. Although it was not true that he had anything to do with the disappearance of the item, he realized that his true calling might be associated with such activities. He has come to Mikona in hopes of further learning this craft. Though bright he is not too wise and since has been able to fight his way out of other situations in his home town, he possesses somewhat of an aggressive personality for a normal footpad. This will surely get him into a great deal of trouble one day.

Update 1

After a couple of seasons in Mikona he realized that he prefers the company of elves over humans and made his way to Elysia where he lives now. The proximity to the forests have allowed him to do a fair bit of scouting and likely saved him from a life of crime in Mikona

Update 2

The turning of Melakin's life have been dramatic and the history presented here has almost no bearing at all in who and what he has become. You'll have to met him to understand this better