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Mellenco Gardastar
Race: Human
Age: 51

Mellenco Gardastar woke up one day flat on his back in the middle of a forest North of Tnanshi. He was stripped naked, except for a small sack found close to where he lay. In the sack contained a few magic items, some scrolls used by spell casters, a few odds and ends, and a note.

The note read:

Master Mellenco Gardastar:

Your presence is urgently requested in the City of Mikona, South of Tnanshi. An imminent invasion of Sereg forces upon this Southern Avlis City promises to bring death and destruction, and a wake of immeasurable evil that we cannot let happen. We need your mastery of the arcane arts to help meet this threat.

Please travel immediately with the good dwarf Hagger Burdlebrag to Deglos, where I will send a party to meet you and bring you to my location.

  • signed*


Next to Mellenco was the slain body of what looked to be a once healthy, valient dwarf fighter. Clutched in the dwarfs hands was an empty wine bottle. A trail of blood leading from the scene ended at the base of a steep and rocky embankment of a towering cliff, where the tracks of the perpetrator seemed to trail off into the open air.

Feeling the back of his head, Mellenco noticed a large, open wound with fresh blood streaking down from it. While tending to his wound, Mellenco panicked uncontrollably as he realized that he did not even know if the note and belongings at his feet were really his. In fact, he wasn't quite sure who he was. Apparantly, the forced trauma inflicted on his head wound caused him to suffer a loss of memory.

Mellenco spent the next few days wandering the woods until a wandering mage apprentice noticed him walking aimlessly along a less traveled road leading South towards Mikona. The young mage, feeling sorry for the old man, furnished him with some magical items of enchantment, and a few hundred gold pieces.

It was during the next several days in conversation with the young apprentice mage that Mellenco realized that, although he had no memory of who he was or anything related to him personally, he clearly had a high intelligence and was capable of reciting and articulating an assortment of knowledge that would give one the impression he was well schooled and had travelled much. In fact, certain places and events could be remembered seamlessly, but without the memory of how he was involved in them.

Mellenco also realized that he had the annoying little habit of coming across as being a "know-it-all", and found himself alienating the good company he had made with the young mage by always trying to be right, and having an endless supply of opinions about matters that seemed trivial at best. The young apprentice mage taught Mellenco a few simple spells, and suggested he head towards Mikona where there were several mage Orders that may be able to help him.

Armed with nothing more than a simple staff, and the snappy wit and intelligence of a nobleman, Mellenco set off South to find the author of the note he carried, plus learn more about he is and what his past was.