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Mendell is a strange sight in the streets of Kuras. Always colourful and always muttering he has a small aura of chaos around him. Some think that he is insane. Mendell disagrees and thinks that it just a manner of perception. Some say that Mendell is a follower of Forian, god of Chaos, and he propably wouldn't deny that when asked. Mendell is always on the run for Boredom, his ever-present imaginary enemy. He does not believe in the usefulness of names or rules. He is also very suspicious of the trustworthiness of his memory. Mendell has red hair, but has it often covered by either his hood or his wicked horned helmet. The clothes he wears are hardly ever the same, though they are always colourful to the point of hurting your eyes. Mendell often carries his powerful heavy flail, named Suprize!.