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A Mistbreeze
A Mistbreeze


  • Head of the Family:
    • Grandmother Strawberry: Runs the family, raised the triplets, and taught them about stacks and life.
    • Granpa McAlpine: Bit of 'Wild Card' and known to love the ladies.
  • Their children:
    • Rosemary: Mother of the Mistbreeze Triplets and Persimmons.1
  • Granpa McAlpine's 'Other' Children
  • Daughters of Rosemary:
    • Berry (Triplet): The Smart One, always has a plan for more stacks and gets them!
    • Cherry (Triplet): The Cute One, Smile, Stab, Shout "SIZIST" then rinse and repeat.
    • Verry (Triplet): The Scary One, known to ride upon Tor's bear head into battle.
    • Persimmons: The Little Sister, NEVER in trouble.
  • Cousins:
    • Peachey: The Odd One, lives in her storybook tales and believes she is a princess.
    • Dewey: The Smelly Boy, Likes the ladies and is sick of hearing about Emmy!
    • Raisin: The Dark One, oversees sales at Mistbreeze Magical Merchandise at Sherrill's Imports/Exports.
    • Spice: The Fare One, oversees the Mistbreeze Menu Food Court Counter at Sherrill's Imports/Exports.


  • Mistbreeze Family of the Southhills
  • Honorary Valley Goblins
  • Bodyguards to Mister Oi

Mistbreeze Rollcall


1 The husband of Rosemary and father of the triplets is just gone. In doing so Rosemary entered a deep depression and her mother Strawberry stepped in to watch over the triplets and little Persimmons. Rumors abound that Strawberry ordered him 'disappear' and he is now in a turnip field or carrot field.