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Morgoth SorBen

Born in Mikona. Later moved to Elysia

Mother was a street walker frequenting the dock area, Father unknown, learned how to survive on the streets of Mikona. When his latent magical powers surged shortly after puberty he felt a calling for something other then the street life he had know and started to adventure abroad. His Mother died shortly after he left, some illness brought on by her occupation; However, he blames himself for not looking after her better. With most ties to the crowded city severed (he still has a few childhood friends) he moved to the greener city of Elysia.

He is quite the ladies man and took to a profession that allows for constant female interaction, likely a substitute for the loss of his mother. He recently married Shawna Hull now Shawna SorBen and she tries to keep him in line although she accepts his flirting ways because she understands from where it stems. Beware any woman that takes it too far.

He only wishes to run a successful shop in which the people can come most anytime to get their tailored goods. As such he spends a lot of time in the shop but wishes for another adventure to brew that he might explore and see something new.

For the rest of the info you will have to ask him or the people that have known him for his gaming life.

Motives. Successful Shop, Fame, Good Friends