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Name: Mowghina Moonblood
Nick Name: Mighty

Age: 22 years

Place of Origin: City of Mikona, capital of M'Chek
Education: Grew up in the family of a diplomat
Deity: Mowghina respects all deities, she favorites Dre'Ana

Her father, Mairadhum, a lesser diplomat in the city of Mikona, spent a lot of time with the education of his daughter. Diplomacy, ethic and several lores were delivered as the basic knowledge of life. Aristocratic life wasn't that fulfilling. Young Mowghina choosed to get familiar early with any kind of sword. Her father agreed und supported his own-blood apprentice. Training as a fighter was focused on the balance of spirit, mind and body.

Mowghina became a member of the city guard, as her father requested. But not for long. Maireadhum died due to a well planned assasination. Official the murderer were caught and executed. But there was more to it ... She terminated guarding and tried to uphold father's law. Most Certainly there are additional motivations to face destiny.

Father's Law - The law of the blademaster:

It's all part pf the dance. Live or die, it's all part of the dance when you're a blademaster. That is the first lesson Mowghina learned at the knee of her master, her dear father. Others may claim it is all part of the tale, or song, or grand mischief - but no matter the wording, the meaning remains the same. This is not to say that the crafting of words is not as important as the tempering of their blade - far from it ! Yet, basic truths remain the same no matter what frippery decorates them.

Mowghina's philosophy:

"Jealous warriors may scoff at my witty repartee and shake their heads at the elaborate spins of my body and flourishes of my swords. The besotted miscreants will never understand what it is to live in a world made more vibrant by one's very presence in it."

"My blades are extensions of my body and my soul, but by themselves they mean little. Battles, as with life itself, only hold meaning when shared with others. Even mean competition can be elevated in the sharing. but what about when the battle itself is glorious ? Well, then, such an encounter - wether it was won or lost - adds to the world glory. Just as all fighters create art to ward off the unlife-taint, so too does creating glory from a tainted act serve to ward off the evil surrounding us. The blademaster's craft is a golden shield I hold forth to protect our world, and what could be more heroic than that ? Merely to think on it sets my human heart to singing ... well, better not."

"This belief also explains why blademasters so often allow worthy opponements whom they have fought and bested, even many times over, to live to see another sunrise, to hear Janur's poem (a very friend of mine), to woo another lover. We trade not killing, but in theater. We are artists sworn to craft our paintings with our bodies, hearts and minds. We live to create, not to destroy."

Satisfaction and destiny:

When Mowghina perhaps will become a true follower of Dre'Ana, she will step onto a path that will change her forever. She will aquire new wondrous abilities that make ordinary folk gasp with amazement or quail on fear, but this external change is the least part of Mowghina's transformation.

Many young adventurers embark upon a cleric thinking simply to learn these abilities, but they soon find they cannot wield these talents without first changing their hearts and minds. The god's way is much more than a collection of mysterious powers. it is a way of thinking, of seeing, of connecting to others and to the world.

The powers that the uninitiated so admire and envy are a mere incidental benefit of the disciplines we follow.

Mowghina thinks to become a succesful initiate requires two qualtities that rarely appear together in souls: openess to new experience, and the ability to dedicate oneself to a specific way of living. Taking the physical and mental requirements together, she estimates that only one of every twenty has the wherewithal to step onto the path of the gods.

The path of the cleric blends practical and magical insight, hastening the learning process by teaching the spirit as well as the mind and the body.

Mowghina never will demand an initiation. It will have to be offered ...