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Nord Fyne

me nord me story is long me tinks

me dad was raised as a slave by a outlayin town .. day used im to plow da feilds an uder labor ..

one day a group o humanand dwarven barbarians raided da town .. seein is chance to fre imself e fought along side da invaders

e was welcomed into the group and soon found a human mate among dem ..

soon day add children an me was born and day moved into a outlaying town to ave a better place to raise der kids

all went well untill one day at about da age of 12 i came across some guy wearin armour sayin e was a knight o da land here to clean da land o my kind .. me add nowhere to run and me was impaled on is sword

before me got toda darkness me see's me dad runnin at da knight wit a hammer....

me's wake laters and see me dads cookin supper and me mums tendin da wound in me chest we ate good dat night still dont know where da meat came from ...

anyways when me able to walk again me dad gives me da knights blade and says " take this and learn to use it .. let what could of taken your live now be the way you live your life"

me promise me dad me woulds and i train fer long time .....we neber ran out o meat again cuz me practice on deers an stuff

when me turn 18 me dad tells me to go and live my life so me sets off .. me tells him i make dis sword powerful and well known

i travel alot i serve in a few forts ere and dare about da age of 26 i reach avlis me desides to stay an elp da people ere me already make manny friends

tho i dont meber der names

i meber fint me calls im lil one cause e hates it when i do din ders sinn him nice fellow but me not think e likes me den dirs da lady i get bellies fer dir many uders but me bad wit names

well me sees you all laters .. mabey me can elp you someday