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Name: Raging Squirrel, aka The Raging One, aka The Squirrely One, aka The Mighty One, aka ... you get the idea
Race: Gnome
Raging Squirrel, not his given name, was born in a Deglosian Gnomish burg. His father...blah, blah, blah. If you want to know about his past, you'll just have to ask him. He ended up living with a barbarian tribe in Tyedu. Then he left, and ventured south.

He's a relentless and fierce armsman, although he prefers the feel of sun, rain and wind to wearing any armor (he privately feels that armor is for wusses). Always working towards the good, Raging Squirrel isn't much for "clubs" and prefers to avoid complex hierarchies - hence he acts according to his own internal moral compass. Regarding his religious beliefs: again, you'll have to ask him.

Raging Squirrel is watched over by his spirit guide, the Spirit Squirrel, who occasionally takes a direct role in his life and also acts as a valuable messenger. The Raging One suspects that the Spirit Squirrel is a very ancient Avlisian nature spirit who somehow became a patron of squirrels in general and more recently, Raging Squirrel in particular. Raging Squirrel is somewhat sensitive about his stature, and this sensitivity is the root source of his mighty rages. He is clever, like the squirrel, but not very sage. If he were, he likely wouldn't have such an issue with his size, and hence wouldn't get so furious.