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Rello is a halfling from Southern Ferrell.

The rest according to Rello:

I grew up in Ferrell with my family. Ferrell is the best place ever, and we have the best of everything! My mom and dad have a pumpkin farm and we grow radishes, corn, and some weeds. We don't try to grow the weeds, but they grow anyway. We also grow some pigs. I learned to work and make pies on the farm, and I learned a lot from the rest of my family, too.

My mom and dad only had me. I have 14 aunts, 14 uncles, and they had more halflings, so I have 132 cousins. 129 of my cousins are married, and they all had more halflings, so I have 242 second cousins. We have lots of big family parties. I go stay with lots of other aunts and uncles sometimes when I am in Ferrell, mainly my Uncle Fripple and Aunt Bunny. Uncle Fripple is the world’s best fisherman! He knows almost all the fishing secrets. Aunt Bunny is the world’s best cook! She can make everything that can ever be made with corn. Uncle Barres is the world’s best booze maker, and he has five halflings with my Aunt Chanti; Merry, Berry, Sherry, Cherry, and Rufus. I can tell you more about my aunts and uncles later.

I went out to the Elysia place to learn about having adventures, like my cousin Ninnin showed me. There I met some adventurers and I learned about being fierce. I met my friend Amy in the woods one day; she is an elf, and with her I learned about helping the forest and how the forest makes all the rest of the world a good place to be. So I went and learned more about how to fight and also how to talk to animals. They don’t listen too well to me, but they follow me, because I help them and help to chop up the mean things that live in the forest, like undeads, and spiders, and sometimes bandits. Other mean things try to make trouble in the forest, too, and I go to chop that up. I learn a lot about the forest and how to help it.

When I went to the Mikona place, I met some more halflings there, but some of them were not from Ferrell. Gem is a halfling and is my good friend, and she made me a knight. We are both Knights of the Order of the Flaming Kukri. We defend and we are the "strong arm" of the Mikona Association for the Advancement of Right-Sized Persons (MAARSP). I have a bajillion friends in Mikona, just like I do in Ferrell, and we like to go out and have adventures. Some of my friends are Raen and Mister Brant, and they are halflings like me!

I like to adventure to get treasure so I can buy nice stuff and also because when I adventure I can get to be a hero. I like being a hero, because heroes get to have good parties and heroes do good things for people.

One day I will have a castle and a big belly like Uncle Rhub. His name is Rhubarb, but we all call him Rhub. He has the biggest belly ever, and he wins all the big belly contests! I can tell you more stories about him later, too.

I like to have adventures with my friends, and get treasures, and drink boozes, and have parties. It is really fun when you can do all of those in the same day.