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My name is Shana Merlin.

I am a Half-Elf Sorceror. I will do whatever is required, as long as the result is Right and Honourable. I follow the teachings of Dru'El.

I am Cousin to the many sisters of the Swift family.

My father is Human and my mother is Elven. They live near Elysia. I have listened to so many family arguments and rows over the rights and wrongs of the War that I am tired of it all. I have run away from home to escape all of this. I work in the farmland around Elysia, to earn my keep, aided by my faithful companion Byton, who is a beautiful panther.

Occasionally, we venture into the City for supplies. We used to supply a local alchemist in the city, but he doesn't seem to want to buy from me any more.

Sometimes, I venture into the Human lands and the city of M'Chek, but the guards there are so rude to me. Humans!!

Then again, I have travelled to the Elven city of LeOrT'Nanshi. Even there, the guards do not seem to like me very much. It seems that each pure-bred race sees me as part of their enemy's race. I am shunned everywhere. It is a very lonely life.

I continue to study and develop my magical powers. I try to help those who have been injured by the war - the civilians, the sick, the old and the young. I have applied to join the Ivory Order, in the hope that I may be more effective in helping those in need - even if it does mean going into the city of the Humans again.

As I am related to both sides, I must try to remain neutral in the War - how can I side with either my mother or father against the other one?

I hope that some day we can all live together in peace, but that is probably rather naive. I am still young after all.

I serve my Lord Dru'El with Honour and with all my heart,

Since the last entry in this Journal, much has changed of course.

I am older, though not necessarily much wiser. The War has ended at last - which means my two Native Races now live in peace. Sometimes, even my Family live in peace as well.

I am now a member of Sedera Yerak Le'Yeritath, the Green Order of the Forest. In fact, I was one of the founder members of the reformed Green Order. I am very proud of that. Of course, I was sad to leave the Ivory Order - but they were always much too stuffy for me. The Green Order is much more satisfactory - and we even share in our service of Lord Dru'El.

I am also a Councillor on the High Mage Council. This does mean I have to discuss things, and sometimes even meet, with people in other Orders - some of whom are fairly nasty people - but it is good to help and serve my other Lord (Andrinor). Those of us blessed with the gift of Arcane Magic should help to further the use and control of such magic throughout the land.

Dru'El Berathu Tem, Shana Merlin.