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Born on a small farm outside of Elysia, an only child raised by two kind parents. Simon was given all the freedom a boy in his youth could want. He helped out his father, with chores, at his leisure. Since he was born, he was very fond of animals. Out of all the harmfull things he did, never did he unnecesarily strike an animal.

Every weekend his father would go into town for supplies and would, at Simon's request, bring home a wide variety of books. One day, quite by accident, his father had brought home a book on Evocation. From then on he was hooked, begging his father to bring home any books about Wizardry that he could find. Simon would sit for days at a time, in his family's barn, practicing cantrips.

One day Simon was practicing his encantations and got very upset that he could not get one to work properly. Griting his teeth and smiling menacingly, the book containing the encantation flew across the air and slammed into a wall of the barn. Over the years, from time to time, he would discover these mind powers; when his hatred reached it's peak levels.

On his 18th birthday, Simon moved away from his farm and into the nearby city of Elysia. Driven by his quest for power, he immediately enrolled in the classes taught by The Academy of Mortal Magic. After his final lecture in the Academy of Mortal Magic, Visimontiu branch, he shared his plan on becoming immortal with a - at the time - other Ebony hopefull: The plan was to infect and befriend a high member of the EDF and slowly corrupt the city of Elysia and weaken it. Once the city was weak Simon was to take rulership of the city and disburse all followers of O'Ma from the city. This would please Titania and she would surely come down to speak with him, so he thought. Then the plan was to woo her into mating with him, which would make him immortal, according to a book he often carried with him "Divinity and Beyond." This plan was quickly abandoned...

Simon righteously joined the Ebony Order of the Moon, under apprenticeship to the powerfull Micah Ormane. His time spent with his master was a joy, although painfull. Micah was a cruel, hatefull master, and often sent Simon to his maker. Most of his tenure is looked back upon as nothing, blank space in the pages of Ebony history. However, his most notable discovery was, the location of a shard the order was looking for at the time. Simon devised a plan to obtain the shard and shared this plan with his close friend Amand. To his knowledge the plan was never carried out.

While under the cruel tutalage of Micah, Simon met a kind Elven girl in Elysia and fell madly in love. Simon was slowly turning from his evil ways...not only by his immense love for the girl of his dreams, but also the kindness of Will Patson and a healer of Cha'reth, Ere. These things, coupled with his contempt for his cruel tutalage, led Simon to withdraw from the Ebony Order.

Simon eventually rebuked his evil deeds and turned toward a grey area in his life, which gradually became white after finding O'Ma. He enjoyed many happy days in Elysia, though his powers slowly faded.

Shortly after true peace met his heart, was it bitterly taken from him. He lost the woman he loved for so long and his friends were traveling the world, he was alone. He slowly slipped back into darkness, knowing only of hatred and contempt for all beings around him.

Within the next year Simon would start a war with the Maidens of Dre'ana. After several attacks, the passing of many of his old friends and his inability to cope with life Simon took his life. Wrapped in a blanket of the darkness he created and held in the final fleeting moments by a person he had adored for many years, Simon Hytheria left Avlis never to return. Bitter-sweet.