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Suuhoroh is a member of the Shaahesk race, with all the orneriness and bad manners that come with it.


Suuoroh is a typical Shaahesk warrior, tall, muscular, and imposing. With his heavy plate and tower shield, he is formidably armored, a look punctuated by the presence of a hand-and-a-half sword in his clawed hand. He has an air of...survivability...about him.


The Beginning

Suuhoroh was born and raised in Trahksn, a village on the northwest border of Drotid, in the foothills of the Deglos mountains. An aspiring hunter, he would often join parties of warriors in extended expeditions that would last a week or more in the wilderness near their home, in search of large game. They would also gather intelligence on border "smoothskin" settlements (usually gnomes) to sell to the slavers in the area.

It was after one of these long expeditions when he and the other young hunters returned to find the town destroyed -- burned to the ground, and no signs of survivors within the settlement. They spent several days searching the nearby forest for more escapees, but to no avail. Whoever had torched Trahksn had been quick, efficient, and brutal -- and very likely Shaahesk themselves, as it appeared a number of survivors had been taken as captives. Any strike force coming from Deglos would not have taken and Shaahesk prisoners.

The boyar of Trahksn, S'hilv'ytok, had recently been making many enemies among the other village leaders in the region, and unfortunately for himself, had made an enemy in the Viovide as well. Unfortunately for Trahksn, he had managed to gain actual support (rather than simply fear, as is normally the case in Drotid) throughout the settlement, which made the entire village a target for retaliation from other Shaahesk.

The Exodus

Ehh Sk t'Koll, the de facto leader of Suuhoroh's hunting party and a supporter of S'hilv'ytok, feared that their association with the doomed boyar meant that it would be safer to leave Drotid for a while. He lead the remaining warriors to the far side of Deglos, and from their base there they raided bandit camps just across the border in the Kurathene Empire. Ehh Sk felt that without support from Drotid proper, it was far safer for their group if they targeted such personas non gratas in the area they were working.

This arrangement continued for nearly three years, but conditions within the group deteriorated steadily after the first year had passed. A majority of the youths felt that the situation regarding S'hilv'ytok would have blown over by that time, and it would have been beneficial to return to Drotid with the intelligence they had gathered on western Deglos and the eastern Kurathene fiefs, but Ehh Sk would have none of it. He intended to remain until they had achieved some goal worthy of respect, but the nature of which he was uncannily vague.

Suuhoroh initially supported Ehh Sk's position, but as time wore on he became less and less patient with the lack of leadership the warrior showed. The group abandoned the older hunter, at Suuhoroh's word, when a raid on a particularly well-defended target turned sour and Ehh Sk's group were overwhelmed. The following weeks saw an escalating power struggle among the stronger members of the group and a never-ending argument over what exactly they would do in returning to "the marsh." Sensing a complete dissolution of the party, Suuhoroh left and headed south for M'Chek.

The Arrival and Beyond

Suuhoroh arrived in Mikona near the end of M'Chek-T'Nanshi war. This was shortly after Drotid's official withdrawl from the conflict, but M'Chek continued to be a safe haven for Shaahesk outside Drotid. Suuhoroh quickly allied himself with Warmaster Rhissaerk Jalesh and his retinue of warriors, which provided him with some degree of legitimacy in this foreign land. He was grateful for some support from fellow redsnouts, but was still somewhat hesitant to follow Drotid interests, the destruction of Trahksn still in the back of his mind. Any allegiance he holds to Rhissaerk is to Rhissaerk himself, not his superiors in Drotid.

Given his distrust of Drotid motives, Suuhoroh sought to gain stable employ in M'Chek independent of his scaled brethren. This he found in the Avlis Arms and Armor Association, a smithing organization with influence throught southern Avlis. He quickly became a desciple of all things defensive, and threw himself into the study of armor- and shieldmaking, firmly convinced that the strongest weapon on the battlefield is not the blade, but the plate that stops it. He has seen enough battles to know that those who survive are the ones who can bask in the glory of victory.

Suuhoroh continues to work with or for Rhissaerk when it suits is purposes, but following the end of hostilities between M'Chek and T'Nanshi, the chief has spent little time in the south, so such operations are few and far between. Thus, most of Suuhoroh's efforts are directed toward Guild interests, which suits him just fine. Through his affiliation with the AAAA he has gained a level of influence far more significant than anything he could hope to have achieved as a hunter in the foothils of the Deglos mountains.