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Name: Sydney Losstarot
Race: Half-Elf

Sydney comes from the misty and rough lands that border the Marshes of Drotid. He was born with almost cat-like eyes and the Clerics of Gorethar that hold sway in his village told everyone they felt a dark presence within him. But although his parents feared and hated him for his eyes they did not wish to give up their child and defied the will of the Priests. And so Sydney grew up but his youth was not a happy one. The children of the village mocked and beated him while calling him a "hideous abomination". He grew up nameless since his parents refused to name him and acknowledge him as their child. The Priests of Gorethar blamed him for everything that went wrong in the village. Sydney hated them for this and many a corpse found floating there was led there by following an "innocent" child. After seven years a desease that not only affected the body but also ruined the souls of those who survived it struck Sydney's village. Sydney suffered from the desease as well but his soul was partially saved from its ruining effects. It was twisted and corrupted but not devastated and the villagers and the Priests of Gorethar who found themselves powerless against the desease gave in to silly superstition. They saw in Sydney the source of the plague that struck their village and drove him out into the wilds. Nearly beaten to death, exhausted and scared out of his mind Sydney was driven in the dangerous Marshes. His hatred for those who drove him out and mistreated him for all those years kept Sydney alive as he wandered through the Marshes-his wounds infected and nearly driven insane by feever. But soon he learned to survive and he even began to love the rough land of Drotid. His merciless and ferocious nature served him well in the in the years he lived there like a beast, killing animals and wanderers alike for food and the ?shimmers? they carried in their purses. One day however Sydney was caught gnawing upon the carcass of a very unfortunate bandit by the fellow comrades of the bandit scout. Looking at the barely human creature that growled and clawed at him the leader of the bandits saw great possibilities in its ferocity and ordered his men to capture it. Two of the bandits died as Sydney ripped through the soft flesh of their throats and another one was blinded as the bewildered boy clawed his eyes out. But eventually they managed to capture him and after they beat him half to death he yielded to their rule. The bandits took in the boy and gave him the name he still carries to this day. For ten years Sydney lived among the bandits and they thought him all they knew about the arts of murder and fighting but they also trusted him to the care of a fallen priest that travelled with them. This old man saw the ferocious darkness of Sydney?s soul and taught him the ways of the God Aarilax. Soon Sydney became a powerful Cleric and the most ruthless killer of the band and throughout the years he earned their trust and respect. While living with human beings he took over many of their sins but rejected their virtues as weakness of will and soul. Sydney learned how to blend in with the masses of the great societies but in his heart he is still a wild beast. At first sight Sidney looks like a normal Half-Elf but when one dares to look closer his true nature becomes horribly visible. His slender but surprisingly strong body is covered with strange runic marks he inflicted upon himself with a bone dagger and coal during some dark ritual. His golden cat-like eyes are as cold and cunning as that of a predator and his smile is that of a beast that sees his prey. It is when he smiles that his most distinctive and fearsome mark becomes apparent. His dagger-like teeth are like those of a predator and even among his comrades he was feared for his cannibalistic tendencies. For Sydney believes that he can absorb the strength and power of his fallen adversaries by consuming their flesh and drinking their blood. Eventually Sydney betrayed the ones who raised him to a cruel Warlord of Kurathene in return for a full pardon of his crimes and a bag of gold. Without even a trace of gilt he spent the blood money he was given on women and ale while his former comrades dangled at the gallows. For Sydney enjoys nothing more then a good drink and the company of women-be they there as company or as his mistress for the night. Around women of beauty he is a charismatic and very polite man and he would never dare raise a hand against a women unless challenged so. But never does the ale dim his ferocious nature nor do the women that satisfy his lusts calm his short temper. Many a brawl in the rougher establishments and brothels in the cities are started by his sharp tongue and usually ended at the tip of his dagger?or at the tips of his teeth. Sydney hates the Paladins of Gorethar for he looks upon them as hypocrites and self-righteous fools. There is only one God Sydney reveares almost as much as Aarilax and that is the God of Death Dagath. For death fascinates Sydney and he knows that Dagath might one day hold his Life in his hands. Sydney shows respect for most Gods except those that preach kindness and what he sees as pitifull weakness. Sydney loathes laws and rules and his temper quickly gets the better of his mind when he is ordered around. Because of his vile, merciless nature and love for gold Sydney quickly turned down the dark path of a mercenary. He will work for whoever pays him most and does not shun the most bloody and vile deeds. He is not a very subtle man and doesn't trouble himself with trying to hide his brutish and evil nature for he enjoys it to strike disgust, fear and hatred in the hearts of others. Those who hire him are always eager to pay him for his services as they know that those who do not might well end as his diner?