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Theresa Saint Albion was born to a peasent family in Westshore, the youngest with three elder brothers.

All three of her brothers were slain during the War with T'Nanshi, and as a result she bore a deep resentment for elves throughout her childhood. At age twelve, she journeyed north alone to the borderzone of the war, and discovered the body of a dead human cleric. On his body she found a book of clerical spells, and after that could always be found with her nose in the book.

Two years later she foolishly attempted to invoke the Contagion spell, which backfired horribly -- permanently disfiguring her with a nasty skin disease -- boils, flaking skin, and general diseased appearance.

After the accident she was shunned and feared by the citizens of Westshore.

One day a travelling bard came to Westshore, and sang the story of the Orcish assassin King, The'ton. Theresa found great solace in the story, and decided that she would dedicate her body and soul to the Dreadlord.

Some while later she hooked up with a group of soldiers journeying through Westshore to Mikona. One entering Mikona, she immediately went to the The'tonite Church, and dedicated herself to the Children of Dreadlord.

She is currently the lay priestess of the Church, and can be found in Mikona tending to the flock.