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Tri'as Ju'eir


On the 26th of February 2002, Tri’as Ju’eir was born in the small T’Nanshi village of Noritath’Yoometh to Maher and Naia Ju’eir. Descended from the Ju’eir Noble Family of Le’Or T’Nanshi, (Maher being the younger brother of Council of Nine member Lereniviel Ju’eir) Tri’as had a comfortable and quiet early childhood, relaxing most days, playing with other children and helping out on the family’s small patch of cropland. This came to an end in Tri’as’ 45th year.

On a summer night during the August of 2047, Noritath’Yoometh was attacked by a small pack of werewolves. Though the villagers were able to force the beasts to retreat that night, a few townsfolk had fallen and several others had been wounded by the lycanthropes. As the sun set the next evening the werewolves struck again. The exhausted villagers were able to once again hold the beasts off until they retreated just before daybreak. However, this second night of fighting had cost several more villagers their lives and left most of the remainder wounded; even more horrid, those villagers wounded the previous night had changed – infected with lycanthropy by their attackers - and had joined the werewolves a few minutes after midnight and had retreated with the lycans before dawn. The remaining residents of Noritath’Yoometh knew then, in the morning sunlight penetrating the canopies of the forest, that their village was lost and that their goal should be to save those unwounded from the previous two attacks. The unwounded would flee westward towards Le’Or during the day. The villagers wounded the second night, Maher and Naia among them, would stay in the village, within the large wooden meeting hall, where they hoped to lure the lycanthropes when night fell once again. Before succumbing to the now incubating disease and to the claws and teeth of the werewolves they would set the hall afire, in the hopes that the fire would slay the beasts to prevent them from hunting the fleeing villagers.

Unfortunately, though the fire set by the wounded villagers killed many of the werewolves several had escaped the blaze and set off to hunt down those who were fleeing. After a fortnight of blind flight all the surviving villagers had been hunted down and either killed or worse – changed; all save one, the young Tri’as Ju’eir stumbled into the small grove of Elvith Villefner, an elven ranger of Dru’El, as the sun set on the 14th evening following the start of the flight of the Noritath’Yoometh residents. The pursuing lycans found themselves unable to enter the sacred grove, held at bay by the holiness of the place. Elvith easily dispatched of the creatures with his bow from the safety of the grove. Elvith took Tri’as in, coaxing the scared youth’s story little by little. In the years that followed, Tri’as learned the ways of the ranger under Elvith’s tutelage and came to learn that he should strive to help those who need help as his village once did. After 7 years training under Elvith, Tri’as set out into the world, hoping to put what he had learned to good use. Upon hearing rumours that were-creatures were plaguing the slums of Mikona, Tri’as journeyed to the city and began what was to become a long adventuring career.

The Adventure Begins:

Upon arriving in Mikona, Tri’as quickly sought out the slums where lycanthropes had been rumoured to plague the populace. Here, the young ranger encountered several gangs engaged in terrorizing the poor folk of the city, several groups of bandits as well as the lycanthropes he had sought out. Several other adventurers had also come seeking to protect those living in the slums and Tri’as fast made friends with 5 of them. These were: -Vian Valorian, Paladin of Gorethar and the future founder of the Order of Gorethar -Sammy, a young boy with developing arcane powers -Harthgrepa, Dwarven fighter and the architect behind the beginnings of the One Percenters -Feeb Ironfist, Dwarven fighter and future member of the Order of Gorethar -Vrok Nomason, an aspiring cleric

Together, Tri’as and these 5 adventurers set about making the slums a safer place. Gangs, bandits and wererats soon found their previously unhindered exploitation of the poor to be much more dangerous than it used to be. The newfound companions found themselves growing in skill and continually faced ever more difficult battles, eventually slaying several bandit chiefs and their half-orc enforcers in an attempt to end the banditry in the slums once and for all.

However, their quest was interrupted by sinister events occurring in Mikona’s Temple District and Marketplace. One evening in the May of 2054, Sammy, Tri’as and an elven mage named Delith were returning to the marketplace from a hard fight in the slums when they heard cries of horror and the sounds of slaughter coming from economic hub of the city. Rushing to see what the cause of these cries was, the three adventurers found clerics of Dagath lying dead at the feet of the few remaining city guards who stood in stunned shock, unable to answer the group’s questions as to what had occurred. All around, merchants and commoners lay dead. Unable to determine what had occurred, the group moved to the Temple District hoping to question any clerics of Dagath they could find as to the mysterious Marketplace scene. Arriving at the temples, the group found more questions than answers – several clerics of Mikon stood nursing wounds and there were no clerics of Dagath to be found. The 3 adventurers chose then to enter Dagath’s Temple, hoping that the clergy there would be able to answer the many questions in their minds. They did. Upon entering the temple, Tri’as and his companions found themselves attacked from all sides by the clerics of Dagath. A great battle ensued and at the end of the night, the 3 adventurers stood victorious over the broken bodies of the clerics. It seemed clear that the priests of Dagath had gone mad and slaughtered those in the Marketplace as well as attacking the clerics of Mikon in the Temple District, but why? This mystery was made more perplexing during the June of 2054 when bodies were again found strewn about the marketplace. This time, however, the clerics of Mikon in the city seemed to have disappeared from the streets. Together, Vian Valorian and Tri’as entered the Temple of Mikon and found all, save the high priest, slain by many demons from the abyss. Though the high priest Terin had been able to defeat the demons, it had cost the lives of many of the clerics of Mikon. Again there was no clue as to what had triggered this slaughter and no clue as to what had summoned a balor along with many other demons to attack the city and the followers of Mikon. The mystery behind these events remains unsolved to this day (though some believe that this was the beginning of Sorvanok the Lich’s campaign for power).


Following these strange events, Tri’as and his adventuring companions entered the newly rediscovered Dwarven Quarters on a quest to aid a monk who went by the name Kung. The details of the monk’s quest have been lost to history but it is known that the group discovered the entrance to Mikona’s Underdark and to Sorvanok’s lair. Here they fought and defeated Sorvanok’s great balor lieutenant and the group was able to carry off the lich’s collection of great magical artefacts. Over the months and years that followed, the 6 companions aided many times in the defense of Mikona against Sorvanok’s undead and elemental horde. They also raided the lich’s underdark base many times, defeating the balor lieutenant every time and further reducing the Sorvanok’s collection of magical items.

However, during this time the cleric Vrok Nomason disappeared suddenly and mysteriously. It is rumoured that Tri’as believed his friend’s disappearance to have been orchestrated by Sorvanok. Perhaps it was this belief that led Tri’as and his remaining friends to seek out master craftsmen and wizards to use the power of many of the artefacts taken from Sorvanok to forge equipment of such power the likes of which the World of Avlis had never known before. It is commonly thought that Tri’as’ signature green and red armour as well as his blades were forged in this manner.

Tri’as’ vendetta against Sorvanok continued for many years, interrupted from time to time by attacks on Mikona by the Sereg’wethrin. Tri’as’ also seemed to disappear from view for long periods of time. Though no one knows exactly what the ranger was doing during these spaces of time sometimes lasting years, it is thought that he may have been searching for a way to defeat Sorvanok. In any case, Tri’as was one of the four who first travelled through the Shadow Caverns leading to Lightforgers. A few weeks later, the ranger led a large group, including the dwarf Tanmar Stronghammer who forged a Weapon of Light to destroy Sorvanok, along the path to the Lightforgers helping to complete one of the last steps leading up to the lich’s destruction.

The One Percenters and the Present Day:

At some point during Sorvanok’s quest for power, Tri’as and his 4 remaining friends gathered to discuss what they would do with the artefacts that they had acquired from the lich. It is unknown what the group discussed exactly but what is known is that Harthgrepa suggested the construction of a tower at the city gates of Mikona to be the base of their adventuring group, now official named the One Percenters. The exact meaning and significance of the group’s name is unknown and some believe that even the group’s 5 members are unsure of why they picked that particular name.

Shortly after Sorvanok’s defeat, Tri’as moved northward to Le’Or T’Nanshi to reunite with his uncle, Lereniviel Ju’eir. The ranger has since moved into the family residence in Le’Or’s Lower Nobles District. Tri’as still seems to simply vanish from view for months and even years at a time and where he goes is still a mystery. Recently he has been seen around Le’Or more often, wearing his ever present green and red suit of armour and carrying enough weapons to outfit a small army.