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Vichan Mandrey


Vichan is a native of Mikona. His parents grew up in the slums and he survived working for a merchant in the market running errands and such. At the age of 13 as he was delivering food he picked up from the farms up north and he was walking near the temple of maleki on his way to the market. He was approached by a cleric who noticed his tathered clothes. The cleric explained to him how he could have everything he always wanted if Vichan just started to ask Maleki for help. Vichan began to pray to maleki nightly and soon his thoughts became twisted and sinister. His parents knew of his transformation as he began coming home in brand new clothes and they even discovered a necklace which resembled that worn by nobility in his private chest. As he did more of maleki's bidding he became stronger and more sinister. As maleki's cold grip grasped him further he began to steal from his own parents who had next to nothing to begin with. He took his mothers jewerly and hid if because he had not time to take it to market to get some gold. He snatched it in her sleep she stumbled across it in his room. Later that evening his father and mother confronted him about taking their only valuable and maleki spoke to him. He told vichan to slay his parents and he did and placed their bodies by the dark of night on the alter to maleki. From that day on he lives in the slums and continues to cause havoc within the ranks of the city. Vichan does not reveal his real name and is known to many as Landon. He hopes some day to become so powerful that he may sit to the side of maleki himself. ((Source))