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Voyor from the forest Hadzum
Call me: Voyor Hadzum
Race: Human
Finally I made it. Damn that was a long run, but my mother Shakare taught me how to run a for a long time. Ok, ok, maybe she is a bear.. unlike me (for now). Still it was a long run. I was in the forest of Hadzum from another land / world. There I was chased by the creatures that killed my mother. Because I'm not that great in magic (YET) I had to flee. While running in Hadzum I encountered my fellow 'Hugo'. Hugo is like a brother to me. We grew up together, learning how to survive. Ok,Hugo is also a bear; he learned how to fight and I learned how to use the magic of the Hadzum. But while fleeing they almost got us . The damn creatures are quick! We ran deeper into the forest and there he stood.... some wizard. From the minute I saw hem I knew he was a very powerful man. At that point we try to fight! Ohh yerr what a fight. It lasted for hours... damn he was good! At the end.. I was too tired to raise my hands. Even the mighty wizard got tired, and Hugo.. well he's the best animal companion I'll ever get. After a few hours their magical leader showed up. He just blasted the wizard away. But just before doing that the wizard created for me a sort of hole in the air. His last words were: Go to the world 'Avlis'; I grew up there. It's a decent world to live in....whuaaaa *splut*

But after I had stepped into the hole, some creatures followed me. Please be careful.. I hope it's not their Magical leader. So I (together with Hugo) ran the whole night. While running I really enjoyed the trees and the wilderness. There were also some wild animals; I tried to convince them I meant them no harm, but they kept attacking me. Finally I called Hugo and he said *Grommmm*?. the little bastards ran like hell... that was cool! When walking through the forest I saw something in the trees. Well ok I now it was impossible but it looked like a REAL CITY!! A city in the trees, yer to weird, you know?

Further away from that ?city? I ran into some lady. She told me that on this world there are some different races and they are having a WAR?? Well ok, I can?t help it. While talking to here I admired the trees, and she noticed that. She asked if I was an Elf? Nope, I?m a human who loves the forest, beast and all living things. She was very happy and shouted to no one (I thought) `We have another Druid among us! ` A moment later at least 10 `rangers` came out the forest? amazing! We sat down and talked for a long time and she convinced me to join the druids. The choice was easily made.. Of course!! After that talk we split up and I went to the city of Mikona.