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Waylan was born of elvish parents, as the first child of a particularly loveless relationship. Waylan’s father was an officer in the Le’Or Border Guards and was seldom around to act as a father figure. His mother was a devout follower of Dru’El and spent much of her time visiting shrines around the elven lands.

As soon as he was able to carry a hunting knife, Waylan would spend many of his nights in the forests below the canopies, darting through the shadows in search of the secret creatures that dwelt there. As a boy, Waylan befriended many of the enchanted fey that made their homes beneath the tree-towns of Le’Or. He was soon to find that there was a much wider world than the leafy boles of T’Nanshi.

Being possessed of a quick mind and quicker feet, Waylan took to running with the fey folk whenever he could, and was always seeking to learn the hidden meanings behind the world that others saw.

The fey taught him much about woodslore, and his natural abilities from his elven heritage allowed him to quickly develop his craft still further.

Unfortunately, the fey also were able to teach him their humour, and the frivolity of life according to the fey. This is often reflected by the troubles he seems to continually find himself in – and the manic nature of his laugh is a sound often heard by friends and foemen alike.

Some months ago, Waylan left the relative peace of the deep woods and travelled north to the cosmopolitan city of Elysia in search of answers to his many questions. Armed with only his quick wits and a handful of gold, Waylan left the eaves of T’Nanshi with much hope in his heart. A long time companion from his childhood, the endearing little pixie, Twisk, followed him on his odyssey.

After some false starts in the city, including a brush with a shadowy organisation of apparently ruthless overlords, Waylan has taken up companionship with another exile from the elven lands, Davilia Chert. His journeys have taken him the breadth of the city to the depths of Deglos.