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Name: Yohan Kurgenson
Race: Human

Found as baby by a sea captain. Yohan was found in a village that had been burned to the ground and by some miracle only he had survived. The captain of the ship, one Sven Kurgenson took the baby and decided to raise him as his son. Yohan grew up at sea and learned all his skills as a sailor, starting as a cabin boy when old enough and becoming a sturdy member of the crew as he got older. He learned to fight like all sailors in order to help defend the ship when assaulted by pirates and the like.

When the captin thought Yohan of suitable age he told him of how he had been found. Yohan became torn between his life at sea and seeking out what had happened to his family. Realising that seeking venegance was futile he decided instead to make sure that no others suffered the fate of his kin. With the captains blessing he returned to dry land in the city of Mikona to be better placed to fight evil and help the innocent and weak.

He arrived with little more than a few bits and pieces and some coin the captain could spare for him. He had always had everything he needed provided for him in return for his ships duties and was little used to dealing with money. It took him a while to get the hang of it, but he eventually got himself sorted.