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Name: Za'mael Tir'ent

Race: Half-Elven (of unknown origin)

Age: Undetermined (early 30's)

Place of Origin: Slave Pits of Drotid

History: Za'mael (pronounced Zah-May-El, called Ssaamueghel by the Shaahesk) never knew his parents, or from where they came from, and has never seen another person that even closely resembles himself. With his pale skin, and violet eye(s).

He is often mistaken for being much older than he is, due to his white hair (an effect of being sent into an arena to fight a Ghost Spider for his Voivode's amusement, the shock of which turned his hair white, overnight). He is also often mistaken as a Buckaneer, or Pirate due to the scar, and missing eye on the left of his face, and consequent eyepatch he wears over it. (another effect of the above mentioned fight with the Ghost Spider, it cost him an eye).

    • Not an escaped slave, technicaly. After the Ghost Spider incident, he was believed to be dead, and discarded with the rest of the refuse. When he came to, he quickly gathered what was handy, and made for the T'Nanshi border, and then on to Elysia.**

Raised by the Seneschal of the house of his master, he was taught to read, write, the use of the sword, and the merits of silence. As well as a few other more colorful skills. The Seneschal being an Man (Elf) of Noteriety amoung the small communities slave population... One who knows how to aquire things, and do so in a manner that is.. Shall we say, Less than scrupulous, and fatal if caught?

Though not entirely lacking in social graces, Za'mael does not often speak. Prefering to sit back in the shadows, watch, and listen.

Motivation(s): -Fortune, By Any Means Necessary. -Never Again Live (or die) By Anothers Leave.