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Zachar Mordecai
Race : Human

  • character origin - Zachar is a son of Jechran, far north of the wastelands beyond Drotid.
  • character history - Zachar had always been favored by the matriarchs of his people, if not for his beauty (which is no more than average), then for his wisdom, which was apparent even in the child he once was.

Simply to stand in the presence of Zachar as a child was to feel yourself at peace. His presence at festivals, treaties and coucils of his people became expected, as both favored pet and occasional advisor to the priestess.

When his duties as concubine and playmate allowed him the time, Zachar studied the Bal from the other men of the Harem. An enchanting dance with an odd hypnotic property, Zachar could lose himself in the intricate weaves for hours at a time.

In time Zachar mastered the Bal rite of Waves, and his skin was mystically died blue to enhance the spectacle of his role in the Bal's display at the pageants of his people.

When Zachar become the eldest of his Harem at age 19, he was taught of the beast that lay within men...and of the hunt that must be to protect the true peoples of Jechran. His sorrow was vast, for he loves his people, and he began to prepare for the time a few short years later when he must run and die, or become a threat to the very people he loved.

When the first of his own children achieved the age of manhood, Zachar quietly slipped from the gates of the Harem, and headed south into the wastes without supplies or hope. He would die among the caves, far from his own.

For comfort, Zachar found himself alone in the wastes dancing the intricate weaves of the Bal...

Hours later, the hunt found Zachar delerious from hunger and thirst, still dancing in place. Eager to make thier first sacrifice for the Glory of Yeriaha, the young warrior women surrounded weapons drawn. But as they struck, his body reacted - releasing the secret of the Bal for the first time in centuries.

Not just a simple dance, Bal contains the history and knowledge of a lost and deadly gong fu. When the fugue passed, and Zachar faced the slain bodies of his people, he knew only that the beast had arisen at last. His mind, already weakend by the ordeal of his journey, snapped.

When next he becomes aware of his surroundings, Zachar finds himself within the cargo of a ship docked in the quiet city of Elysia. A kind beggar beneath the pier takes pity on the strange man - and offers a drink of strong ale to ease his woes. Lost, naive and confused Zachar accepted, and he has used ale for comfort since.

Of late Zachar has crossed the Wilderness to Mikona, and he has found refuge in the monastary of the Iron Mantis Sect, under the guidance of the Revered Brother Dok. Perhaps the teachings of the Iron Mantis can help him regain the center he had as a child...