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Name: Zasa Vossen
Race: Half-Nymph
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Aspiring to be famous
Class: Bard
Claim to Fame:
Birthplace: Quithranos, T'Nanshi
Current Residence:


Zasa stands around 5ft8 and just the right amount of weight and cleavage to balance her gracefully movements. Her features are soft and defined with the fey appeal. When she walks its more like dancing. When she stands still (which shes never is) she is swaying and spinning in place. When she speaks its more like song in threes. When she bends over relationships end. She always smiling and her eyes don't betray her deep intense interest in trivial matters like the newest songs from the Bardic Academy or what everyone worth knowing is wearing. Down her left arm is a stunning tattoo motif of summer fey designs that she is very proud of and always shows off because Summer Fey have the most fun and she is really into having fun; which is what the tattoo means.

She just a Nangirl in the forest on the hunt for bestest nail polish and like awesome outfits. While being chased after with offers of marriage and everlasting love by boys, girls, a few couples, and so many satyrs; so many!



Just a happy go lucky Half-Nymph from Quithranos. Her mother Camie Dimplecreek (Nymph), the school teacher of Quinthranos fell madly in love with Andres Vossen (Human) fishing boat captain and married him; after she had to chase after him in a strange turn of fate. They had nine children (so far) and Zasa is the forgotten middle child. Carefree and always singing and dancewalking and not a care in the world. Very educated (like it shows) cause her mother taught her. She has dreams of being on the stage as the performers of the Academy are but she dirt ass poor family and has had no training in the arts. Not to mention she constantly told it a poor way to make a living. Normally, she found at the Drunken Trout sipping on watered-down wine enjoying the traveling bards and telling them of her dreams to dance on the stage. The few times she has danced for the bards laugh cause its just feyprancing and spins. But that never destroys the dream. A few try to get in her pants only to get their hands slapped and the bartender or waitress pointing at her 2 older brothers and father sitting the corner. Places outside the forest seem like they are so far away but she has sneaked out to the Moontree in Le'Or and in Blandenberg and watches the more well-known singers and musicians with wide-eyed amazement. Plus she loves cheering on the grease wrestlers. Being the forgotten middle child means she can sneak off and no one seems to notice she gone. She carries a book with her, which contains the names of every boy, girl, couple, and Satyr that have offered to marry her and love everlasting if she accepts. It takes up so many pages. The rest of it is drawings of dancing steps and costume designs of the finest silks and sheerest muslins.

One day when sneaking back home to Quinthranos. She saw a bandit robbing a traveling merchant on the way to Quinthranos. As she watched, she had the urge to jump in and defend the merchant; mostly due to the hopes he had cute fabrics for dresses and such. She leaps from the bushes with a dagger in hand and screaming her head off. The bandit freaked out and fled figuring she was a harpy or some rabid forest creature. The merchant thanked her and she bowed like she was on stage and ran off stage right without a word spoken (for once). The next day the merchant was in Quinthranos and told of this. It didn't take long before everyone knew it was Zasa that did the screaming and stage bow. While her family while proud she helped another was disappointed she didn't think first. So, now she wears a little skullie mask or bird head helm to hide her face in the hopes they can't find out.