Pirate Song

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The Pirates' Song

We came 'round the cape in a rowboat,

Black flag flyin' high in the air,

An' the crew cheered an' yelled out their warcries,

'cause our quarry was lyin' right there.

A great galleon low in the water,

With gold piled high t' the skies,

An' our eyes lit up bright as ye please then,

An' we rowed straight ahead for the prize.

An' we know that they heard us a-comin,

An' we know they was shakin' wit' fear,

Cause they fired off all o' their cannons,

But nary a shot did come near.

So they hoisted their sails t' flee us,

An' they sailed off int' the night,

But I knows they'll be lookin behind 'em,

Cause I knows that we gave 'em a fright.

~ Shelly Maroon ~