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Potbelly pig.png


Creature Name: Potbelly Pig

Observations by: Rhigo Fellskin, Deider of Pelar

Creature Type: Animal ((1029))

Creature Subtype: Suidae

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The potbelly pig is a stout domesticated creature living on small farmsteads, but often close to other wildlife which seems content as long as there is food nearby. Its fur can come in a variety of colors, but the potbelly pig seems darker than most pigs, and it retains its tusks albeit they do not protrude as much as those of a boar. Potbelly pigs are one of several miniature pig species, and are known for the low-hanging belly that is their namesake.

Feeding Habits

Will eat anything it seems. Like their larger pig cousins, potbellies are omnivores, and are often fed by their owners whatever domestic waste that humanoids and other animals will not consume.

Disposition and Social Habits

Like the larger pig species, potbelly pigs are intelligent, social creatures. Potbellies in particular have been bred to like humanoids, and are friendly to most and easy to befriend for a druid or a ranger. The potbelly pig is accustomed to people and wanders gleefully from stranger to stranger. He might lack the aggression of other pigs but have many resemblances as well you might find useful in a companion.


Farms, cultivated lands. It is thought that potbelly pigs were originally bred by the Romini, presumably for their portability, and they can often be found in their camps.


Most compatible: Dire Boar

  • The potbelly pig is one of many porcine species domesticated millennia ago from the wild boar. Although smaller and less ferocious than its wild cousin, it seems to share the boar’s determination and stubbornness.

Other notes

The earliest record of potbelly pigs is in the oral histories of the Romini. They were once bred widely in M'Chek as an export food; though they are smaller than standard pigs and take longer to mature, their meat is considered more delicious. In the early years of The Kurathene Empire potbellies were a favored pet of the fiefdom nobles, but the fad died down within a century.