Prince's Rum

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The Prince's Rum

Now somethin' every sailor knows,

From Kalion t' Jechran's shores,

The finest rum you'll ever swill,

Is 'Sunken Ship', from Andarr's stills.

Captain Wren told all 'is men,

T' put t' sea right there an' then.

T' leave their sins an' grab their things,

Fo' soon they'd be as rich as Kings.

"The Prince," 'e said, "Is nearly dead..."

"A-Lyin' in a healer's bed..."

"An' 'is last wish is fo' one sip..."

"Of Andarr's famous Sunken Ship."

An' so they made their merry way,

T' Andarr an' the liquor trade,

An' shipped back fast, a single flask,

Of that for which the Prince had asked.

But when they pulled it from the hold,

A great disaster did unfold,

For not a bit were left of it,

The Prince's liquor 'ad been hit!

An' somethin' every sailor knows,

Is how a drinkin' song should go,

So let the songs an' spirits flow,

With a' bottle o' rum and a Yo Ho Ho!

The captain looked straight at the cook,

Who cried "A drop was all I took!"

The second mate then set him straight,

Confessed 'e snuck the smallest taste.

Helmsman Swerves, t' clam 'is nerves,

'ad pilfered jus' a single serve,

An' all the crew 'ad tiptoed through,

An' sampled from the Prince's brew.

With empty hands they came t' land,

A sober an' un'appy band,

An' that was all, the tale told,

They ne'er saw the kindgdom's gold.

The Prince went bravely to 'is grave,

Without no rum t' ease 'is way,

An' Captain Wren an' all 'is men,

Ne'er took t' sea again..

An' somethin' ev'ry sailor knows,

Is 'ow this tale's moral goes;

When there's rum an' a sailin' crew

There'd best be some fer the sailors too!

~ Shelly Maroon ~