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Progress is your goal. The Project Manager is responsible for determining which modules and need to be focused on, and approving development plans submitted by the lead builder. Additionally you will be responsible for ensuring that subcontractors have work and do not slip through the cracks. This position reports to the Producer.


  • Hire and task Lead Builder and QA Lead.
  • Make final decisions on what servers and systems need to be worked on.
  • Prioritize system and area updates.
  • Ensure that progress is being made on systems.
  • Ensure that DM needs are being met by the development team.
  • Manage the pool of Avlis subcontractors.


  • Knowledge of the Avlis game world.
  • Knowledge of NWScript.
  • Minimum 3 months of experience scripting or building for Avlis.
  • Ability to manage people.
  • Must have knowledge of D&D 3.5 PnP rules.
  • Preferred PnP gaming experience.
  • Preferred knowledge of the Avlis PnP setting.
  • Knowledge of MySQL, C, C++, C#, or Java is a plus.

Job Description

It is your responsibility to ensure we have an active Lead Builder and QA Lead. When either of these positions needs to be filled due to a vacancy or inactivity, it will be your responsibility to take over the duties of that position until a replacement can be found. It will further be your duty to advertise for the positions, gather applications and send them to the Lead Producer for discussion and review. Final decision will be made by you and the Lead Producer and approved by Orleron. It is then your responsibility to ensure an acceptance or rejection email is sent to all applicants as appropriate. Applicants should expect to get a final response within two weeks of submitting their application.

It will be your job to determine, based on direction from the Lead Designer which areas of the world need work and to prioritize the development of those areas. You will be responsible for prioritizing bug fixes and coordinating the reproduction of critical issues between builders and QA. You will lay out the time tables and steps to be taken to finish areas and fix bugs. This includes both physical areas on a server as well as systems that need to be developed, enhcanced or repaired. Your responsibilities will also include lsitening to DM Team needs and deciding, in conjunction with the Lead Designer, which issues can be accomplished and the priority of fixes and additions. You will ensure that both the Lead Builder and QA Lead have the resources they need to do their jobs as directed by you.

You will be responsible for hiring subcontractors, either when you see a need or when requested by another Team member. In addition, you will keep tabs on those subcontractors and their progress. When a subcontractor finishes a project, you will determine their interest in continued work and either terminate their access or re-assign them based on the current building/QA needs. If a subcontractor becomes inactive, you will follow up with them and terminate their access when appropriate.

You will be authorized to ask for Team volunteers and/or hire additional Team members (with approval) to delegate responsibilities assigned to you as needed.


Avlis Boards Name:

First Name:

Last Name:


Timezone are you in? (GMT +/-)

Do you have a broadband connection?

How long have you been playing on Avlis?

Are you currently a Team Member? If so, please list your current position and how long you have been with the Team.

If you are not a Team Member, have you been an Avlis Subcontractor? If so, please list all projects that you have completed and which active Team Members you have worked with.

Have you ever been a DM/Game Master for a pen and paper game? ___ Yes ___ No

If yes, how many years/months experience with DMing/GMing do you have?

How familiar are you with 3rd Edition D&D rules? What about 3.5?

How long have you been using the NWN Toolset and what have you done with the toolset?

What kind of NWNX experience do you have?

Do you have any programming or database experience? If so, what experience do you have? How long have you worked with each language/database?

Have you ever worked as a programmer professionally? ___ Yes __ No

If yes, what kind of programming did you do?

Do you have any experience managing people?

How do you delegate responsibility?

What do you like about Avlis?

As the Project Manager it will be your job with the Lead Designer to steer the growth of Avlis' content. Where do you want to see the Avlis ship go and how do you propose to get there?

As the Project Manager you will have remote desktop access to all the Avlis servers. What makes you a responsible person that can be trusted with this access?

What would make you a good Project Manager?

Do you have anything else to add?