Sailor's Fortune

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Sailor's Fortune

I sailed off over the ocean,

I sailed off over the sea,

I sailed off Northwards to Andarr,

And took all my fortune with me.

I sailed out laden with treasure,

I sailed out laden with gold,

I sailed out rich as an Emperor,

With diamonds and silks in the hold.

I landed in Andarr a rich man,

I landed in Andarr a King,

I landed with coin in my pocket,

And swore not to spend me a thing.

I spent me some coppers on ale,

I spent me a silver fer more,

I spent one gold piece on them dancers

And a half dozen more for a whore!

I had two empty pockets by mornin',

I had two bloodshot eyes in me head

I had two dozen tall empty bottles.

A-lyin right under me bed

I sailed out poor as a beggar,

But I knows I'll be sailin back soon,

I sailed right back to Mikona,

T' earn me another fortune!

~ Shelly Maroon ~