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Creature Name: Stirge

Observations by: Thaylis Beign

Creature Type: Beast ((1431))

Creature Subtype: Bird

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The Stirge is a small, mosquito-like creature which spends its time seeking prey. Its body is roughly 12 - 16 inches in length, and its main mode of transportation is through 2 pairs of leathery wings, each set spanning just over 2 feet in length. Weighing about a pound, these creatures move exceptionally fast through the air. Using its barbed legs to attach itself to prey, the Stirge utilizes its sharp proboscis to pierce its victims flesh to draw as much blood as it can. Colorations range from ruddy brown to rusty reddish hues.

Feeding Habits

Stirges are aggressive predators, using its rigid and extremely sharp proboscis to pierce a victim’s flesh, draining blood at a rapid pace. Alchemists theorize the creatures inject venom which acts to physically weaken the victim, as well as acting as an anti-coagulant. A swarming flock of Stirges will easily overpower an adult male, leaving a blood drained corpse.

Disposition and Social Habits

Stirges are most commonly seen in small groups, ranging in 3 -15 creatures. Larger flocks have been reported. The adults will protect their offspring aggressively.


Stirges have been seen in many climates, though they are most commonly found in dark, moist areas such as cave systems or deep within forests.


Most compatible: Hawk

  • Similar in size and flight capabilities makes the Hawk the most compatible.

Other notes

None listed.