Strange Happenings in the Elemental Tower

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By Willem Lightheart

Outside Elysia off the road to the right sized land
There is a tower of intrigue that does stand
A very, very interesting place
Once you enter, to get out is a race
For you must travel through portals and planes
On one such trip for me the journey was insane

With two able friends right by my side
Our fate was with strange elementals to collide
Smoke, mineral, and ooze came from the floor
The sight of it all made me want to run for the door
Unfortunately for us, there was but one way out
So we weathered the storm from the elements no doubt

Now if the gods were to watch a sight they would have seen
For it was some special show if you know what I mean
Tia Xiloscia would have made Vorin so proud
Gathering knowledge amidst the dust cloud
Dame Moira would have put a smile on Mikon’s face
As she helped establish the balance in that place

As for me I have a strange image in my head
Thirty-two spools of fine golden thread
Why it is there I have not a clue
Mayhaps this image means something to you
A raving mad bard I have been called before
This story we’ll just add to the strange Avlis lore

Next time you happen to travel that way
To the surroundings special attention pay
If things should start to get overheated
The situation we saw may be being repeated
My advice to you if this should happen a second time
To stay alive remember this song and my silly little rhyme