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"Weapon Feats: The following weapon feats apply to the following weapons: "

Which weapon feats?

I think it means dagger feats apply to the assassins dagger, Light mace feats apply to the weapon tagged Light Mace2, Club feats apply to heavy mace and sap, and so on and so forth. So, if you were to take Weapon Focus: Dagger, that would apply to the use of the assassins dagger.


The following feats could be taken for dagger: Weapon Focus (general) Weapon Specialization (fighter) Epic Weapon Focus (general) Epic Weapon Specialization (fighter) Improved Critical (general) Overwhelming Critical Devastating Critical Weapon focus (WM) Ki damage (WM) Increased multiplier (WM) Superior Weapon Focus (WM) Ki Critical (WM) Epic Superior Weapon Focus (WM)

All of these would also apply to the assassin's dagger in your example?

Or to both shortswors and katar? Etc.