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Moving contents to Rules

I copied this over to the top of Rules page. The reasoning is we want Getting Started to be a more readable, less intimidating page. If we can consolidate pages a bit, then new players will not be so intimidated by the process. If acceptable, I would like to remove this page and redirect to Rules --Analgesia (talk) 13:46, 4 November 2016 (EDT)

Since the rules pages can't be edited by us normal users, you should probably take this up as a team discussion on the forum. Asking if you can get rid of the garbage after you moved it isn't really a discussion (the other candidates for deletion never get deleted anyway for us), so delete away. The change seems fine to me, and so there is no reason to keep this (nothing really uses it besides the Rules page).
I also tossed a heading on this topic for future discussions, since you forgot one (not that they happen often here). Feel free to change it to whatever you think it should be.
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