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Notes made while working on this

The role, importance, grammar and even the words presented here are still subject to considerable change. This language will be blended of nanshilae and Titanian sylvan. (xiaou)

The grammar of this version of sylvan will be based heavily on that of nanshilae. The words also should be more heavily drawn from nanshilae than the Titanian variety. The goal I believe for this language is to be as similar to nanshilae as german is to english and as similar to titanian sylvan as sanskrit is to german. Effectively making the grammar that of nanshilae and the words a melange of nanshilae and titanian sylvan.

The fey races spawned by O'Ma and Titania have long been separated by the ideological differences between their two creator deities. O'Man fey languages start with Sylvan. Just as Latin is the root of many European languages O'Man sylvan is the root language of all O'Man fey languages. Each O'Man fey race will have its own language but it will bear a strong resemblance to this language similar to the way that French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese strongly resemble Latin. These major fey sub-races are: Brownie, Centaur, Dryad, Nixie, Nymph, Pixie, Satyr, Sprite and Sylph.

Similarly Titania has a line of languages which have progressed in a similar fashion although in many other game settings the elvish languages will be more exclusively influenced by Titanian Sylvan. O'man Sylvan is derived from Titanian Sylvan but bears little meaningful resemblance akin to how both German and Sanskrit are Indo-European languages but have little in common.

Speakers of Avlissian Sylvan

Those beings able to speak O'Man Sylvan would be Centaurs (as their primary language), Druids (as a second language well studied) and O'Man fey races as appropriate for character background. This will be the language of avlissian centaurs, druids and sentient woodland creatures. This will be the "common" of the forest although fey will have their own "common".

A narrative paragraph or two before introducing the grammar and word list is on its way. I don't expect much change in the word list or grammar rules here.

I have some concern that this language may become a sleeper hit and surpass fairy common in popularity among players. The evolution of any setting is in part dictated by its community following the rules of its developers so perhaps that should be expected since this does seem like a more broadly practical language than fairy common. I'm just not sure it is robust enough yet in terms of verbs and so forth.

I think this page is a good start for this language but I think it needs to simmer in the community for a bit to see if it needs more work or if it will be adequate as is.

Team Question and Answer Spot

The only question I have is in the second section here. Is this a complete enough article to go live?

Chime In

I would like anyone to feel free to point out mistakes in the article and make suggestions by using the discussion page.

*Isadora Chiming- Simplified words

I think a lot of the words need to be shortened and simplified... "Any" translates to quoyzehier ?! come on how am I gonna type that out while running away from gnome bandits! Same with... And - Vahod; As - kemoota ; Arm- zereomieme ; Armed - imhodlornet

Compared to nanshilae many of the single words look more like an entire sentence. If I wanted to tell someone my name in Sylvan, it'd take me 2 months aaaahhh

Don't worry Carl, I'll help you on this!