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Template for deletion requests

Add the following code to the top of the image, category or article page (replace REASON FOR DELETION with your rationale on why it should be deleted). It should be added as the very first line on pages that you believe should be deleted from the wiki.

Usage: {{delete|REASON FOR DELETION --~~~~}}

This puts a 'Red Warning' at the top of the page, and adds the page to the Category:Candidates for deletion. It also appends the last user's revision info, to help identify the user making the deletion request, though future revisions (while the page has a deletion request pending) will update this to the last user's revision info. Adding your signature (using the four tildes e.g., --~~~~ ), after the REASON FOR DELETION, will keep your info from changing.

This template should be used for pages that no longer serve a useful purpose, those whose content may be inappropriate (even ones you are not sure about), or any other deletion. A page that would normally be considered a candidate for speedy deletion should also use this template, as there is no separate deletion process for uncontentious deletions (e.g., vandalism or user namespace test pages).

Other wikis may have more formal procedures for deciding how regular deletion requests are handled (e.g., Wikimedia Commons deletion requests and Wikimedia Commons deletion policy). Deletions requests here may be discussed by users (on the deletion requested page's own discussion page) for as long as needed. Once an administrator has sufficient information to come to a decision, the deletion request will be closed, and the file either deleted, or flagged as kept.