The Black Rose

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The Black Rose

I'll tell ye of the Black Rose,

If ye'll turn yer ears t' me,

The most fearsome pirate brigantine,

That e'er put t' sea.

For 'er crew was Orcish cut-throats,

An 'er captain knew 'is trade,

An they was cold an' ruthless,

T' their merchant seaman prey.

An' stories say,

That in their day,

They killed a thousand men,

The terror of the Silver Coast,

They called the Rose back then.

For not a soul could catch 'er

'fore she faded int' night,

She always seemed t' slip away,

And she ne'er lost a fight,

Until she met the Dancer,

An' the Dancer chased 'er down

An' sent 'er burning to 'er grave,

An' all 'er crew was drowned.

But sailors tell,

When midnight's bell,

Rings out on Dead Man's Cove,

On stormy nights in summertime,

Ye still might find the Rose.

When lightnin' strikes, they'll tell ye,

In a whisper born o' fear,

Ye'll see 'er lit up 'gainst the sky,

Ye'll feel 'er drawin' near.

Ye'll hear the deathly singin'

Of 'er deathly, tortured crew,

You'll know death is on the seas,

The Rose is after you.

An if she sees,

Ye try t' flee,

The battle's near as done,

For there's no ship can hide from her,

There ain't no place t' run.

For she's swifter'n an arrow,

Though 'er riggin's frayed an' tore,

An they say the wind don't touch 'er sails,

An' no one pulls 'er oars.

An' when she draws beside ye then,

Ye'll feel fear's cold caress,

For Ingoren 'imself sent back,

The Black Rose from 'er rest.

An' no one knows,

What comes o' those,

Who finds the cursed ship,

Some says they joins 'er ghostly crew,

Fer one last eternal trip.

An' all that's left t' mark their way,

When mornin' breaks once more,

's a lifeless vessel, cast adrift,

O' washed up on the shore.

But always on the masthead,

Or so the legend goes,

Is left the ghost ship's signature,

One single,


Black rose.

~ Shelly Maroon ~