The Capture Of Fulfordis

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by Brant Risko

Down in the caves we went, with miss Moira leading the way.
Hunting for the Shadow, trying to save the day.

Past the slaads and elementals, the Ebonies brought their pet.
A massive red, metal golem, to destroy the undead threat.

It smashed into the old lair of the icy giant king,
But now a dozen winterwights stood between us and our brass ring.

As the purple fiends advanced, we prepared to stand our ground.
The fight was over quickly. Every one of us was downed.

The winterwights retreated, as if they had won the fight,
But mister Dale and I recovered. I watched him pray with all his might.

Our heroes were returned to us, as Mikon favored us this day.
The golem was divinely blessed, and it re-entered the fray.

The second battle turned the tide. The undead fell beneath our blades.
We advanced into the throne room, still searching for that shade.

One more surprise awaited us, when the golem acted on its own.
It opened the Shadow's portal, and returned Fulfordis to his throne.

Mister Damar was furious, for we had been betrayed.
King Tolly has imposed his will as the golem was being made.

Finally we resumed our search, but nothing more was found.
The portal would not open again, so we returned to higher ground.

The frost king has been captured, but the Shadow lurks beyond the haze.
What other trials await Mikona that might unfold in future days?