The Closing of the Rift Temple

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Rift War

  • Spring of 2154 A.O.D. (Aug 13, 2005): Shadow Rift Closed and collapses in on itself. Se'Fassu's location unknown. Camb Roe'Que loses his life. MoreMore
  • (Jul 21, 2005) Heat Wave felt in Ferrell. More
  • Spring of 2152 A.O.D.(Jul 06, 2005): Lifeblighters spotted in Ferrell. More
  • Fall of 2148 A.O.D. to Spring of 2154 A.O.D: Rift War. Kidnapping of Laurelin.More
  • Fall of 2148 A.O.D.(June 17,2005): The Battle of the Southlands. Stirrings of undead from Rift. Undead invasion of Ferrell. Rift temporarily sealed using powder kegs.More
  • (Jul 06, 2004) The Ferrell Exploration and Adventuring Troupe is formed by Thaya Gatherwing. More

A Plague

  • Winter of 2145 A.O.D.: Plague Cured.
  • Fall of 2144 A.O.D: Plague continues to spread, being reported in M’Chek, and T’Nanshi. First reports of possible cure.
  • Summer of 2144 A.O.D.: Plague strikes Elysia. Cause is traced to water infected with negative energy. First recent reports of undead beneath Ferrell, serving Se’Fassu. Se’Fassu involved in spread of plague? Possible Malekite involvement.