The Cursed Lord

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The Cursed Lord

'twas a lon' time ago in the mountains,

But the land an' the folks were the same,

An' the Shaahesk were massin' an army,

An' War loomed as dark as it's name,

So the Guilds they sent out fer assistance,

An' a human Lord answered the call,

With a hundred men ridin' beside him,

An' they called this bold leader Drahnul!

But when War came up int' the mountains,

Not a man of the Lord's host was seen,

An' the battle was bloody an' fearsome,

As e'er a battle 'as been.

So the Guilds came t' Drahnul's tall tower,

An' they hammered upon 'is great door,

An' they worked all their magics upon 'im,

An' they cursed the damned man e'er more.

They cursed 'im t' wander the tower,

They cursed 'im t' life wit'out death,

They cursed 'im ne'er t' leave there,

They cursed 'im t' ne'er draw breath.

But their curses were folly in anger,

For the Lord's men still lurk in the night,

An 'e in 'is terrible hatred,

'as only revenge in 'is sight.

~ Shelly Maroon

Based on a tale told by Mereppi of Deglos.