The Jolly Dodger

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by Brant Risko

Way back in the old days
'Fore a lad like me were born
The king of all the pirates
Was named ol' Captain Mourn

Captained the Jolly Dodger
They raided all the ports
He sailed around the warships
And teasing 'em for sport

Each night the dear old captain
Would eat and drink his fill
He never drank the good stuff
He only drank the swill

One night when he'd been drinkin'
He sailed between the caves
He crashed the Jolly Dodger
And it sank beneath the waves

Now legend says the Dodger
Still escapes from where she moors
'Neath the waves in Ingoren's cradle
And comes raiding off our shores

Ol' Captain Mourn still helms the wheel
Through the shadows and the haze
He'll sail the seas forever
A ghost pirate for all his days