The Missing Mage

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By Willem Lightheart

I met him when I was new in town
His farmer’s clothes they were quite brown
I asked him to help me please
He was nice and gave me recipes
A master crafter he seems to be
I’m glad he helped a young bard like me

Then later I found out
He was a mage with great clout
Seems he has great power
And can use it by the hour
Studying his many books
Killing monsters with words and looks

I heard then that love was in the air
And that he married a girl with dark hair
It seemed that everything was going so well
But now maybe he’s under a spell
Because he hasn’t been seen in quite some time
Makes one wonder if there was a crime

Quint of the Green Order where have you gone
You haven’t been seen in so long
And now people are starting to worry
You really should come back in a hurry
And return to Elysia the place where you live
Where you still have so much give

It truly is a sad sad day
In Elysia the land where we live and play
For now it has been heard said
That our dear friend Quint is now dead
Oh Quint oh Quint as the days go by
We can only hope this news is a lie