The Ranger and the Knight

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By Willem Lightheart

Come one, come all
Come short, come tall
Come and listen in
Come thick and thin
Come young, come old
Hear the stories to be told

There is a couple I do know well
And their story is wonderful to tell
The ranger is as sweet as she can be
She is always very nice to me
The knight is a mighty brave man
Fighting for good wherever he can

They travel this place all across the land
Helping those in need by lending a hand
The ranger with arrows gets off a shot
With some magical effects she kills a lot
The knight with his sword he does slash
As all of his foes fall with a crash

The love for each other that they do share
It is very apparent to folks everywhere
Their song is one I love to sing
So I must say this one last thing
Ell and Hert a lovely pair you are
Together I know you will go far