The Ranger at Elf Gate

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By Willem Lightheart

Come one, come all
Come short, come tall
Come and listen in
Come thick and thin
Come young, come old
Hear the stories to be told

Here is a funny thing that I did see
A beautiful lass, did entertain me
Taunting a ranger at Elf Gate
Along with a half-orc, it was great
The young ranger it seems was unprepared
After examination he appeared to be scared

But of course this was all just in jest
No harm would come to the ranger at best
The worst thing that would happen to him you see
Would be to get dazed a few times magically
And maybe be told of a magical spell
To be changed in to a frog as well

No, no harm would come to anyone that day
Just some fun to be had along the way
This story it true without a doubt
But to protect those involved, the names are left out
And if you become so calloused and hard
Spice up you life by watching a bard