The Romini Revenge

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By Willem Lightheart

The Romini Mikon’s children they are
Accomplished tailors both near and far
Living in a camp deep in the T’Nanshi wood
Making a living by any means that they could
Making a belt to protect you from fear
Now here is a tale you really must hear

Some people didn’t want this belt to be sold
They murdered the Romini in blood so cold
Leaving a note on the bodies that read
Stop selling that belt or you’ll all wind up dead
So the Romini in camp stopped selling the belt
And fear once again in their children was felt

Then one day a fellow Romini happened along
Walking through the camp and singing a song
Noticing the children were all running scared
Something must be done to end this he declared
So a simple little plan was quietly put into place
To help Mikon’s children and their fears to face

To sell that belt they said they never would do
But if you want to make them we will teach you
So gather some things from here and from there
Of the dangers on Avlis at every turn do beware
Bring them back to us whenever you are done
Then the knowledge be yours and the battle be won

On a long and dusty road our hero set out
To help those in need and Mikon’s devout
All across Avlis the traveler would go
Looking for rarities and such don’t you know
Once he had gathered all the things he could carry
He returned to the Romini not wanting to tarry

The goods have been gotten and all brought in
The people of Avlis will now surely win
And if you fear your shadow dark in the night
Or always seem to give up without a good fight
Come closer to me and see how these belts are made
Wear it forever and you will never again be afraid