The Song of Angadar

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The darkest night of Avlis past
The fey god drenched in blood
And hatred spew from outer worlds
With souls trod down in mud
The god Valok he was the king
Of a plan so cruelly set
To enter the world and crush the light
The iron fist would rule yet
But Angadar came and foiled the plan
A better plot he had
To raise O'Ma
And brave the dark
Ignoring Valoks wrath
He drew the consort to the door
And beat her at her game
A gentle shove was all it took
To save our mortal frames
For Mikon's blow was strong and swift
And lay Tianna low
And thus our lord Angadar reep
The wind of change that blow
And fate it found the best of tricks
Have craft behind them now
So mind your secrets little ones
And hold them to your heart
For dark Tianna is no more!
Angadar minds the hearth

By Shiloh Ven