The War (song)

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By Willem Lightheart

Come one, come all
Come short, come tall
Come and listen in
Come thick, and thin
Come young, come old
Hear the stories to be told

Elysia was such a peaceful place
All living together and sharing their grace
That has all changed at least for a while
Remembering the past still makes me smile
But now a war does rage on
It seems poor Elysia your peace is all gone

The battles take place at every gate
If you are to fight, you mustn’t be late
Many warriors the fight, they do fight
But there seems to be, no end in sight
The flames of burning buildings, they are hissing
And now it is said, that children are missing

What is to come now, no one can tell
Maybe a great mage will develop a spell
Maybe a hero wielding a blade
Will rise to the call and help render aid
No matter the outcome right or wrong
This bard will be here to put it in song