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Avlis Wiki

  • 1)In DefaultSettings.php Change
$wgSysopUserBans = false; # Allow sysops to ban logged-in users
to true so Users can be banned not just IP addresses
  • 2) Move the ads from the "toolbox" on the side of this page and put them in their own "sponsors" box just like the "advertisement" box on the NWN Wiki and NWN2 Wiki sites or this WoW Wiki. This will keep the "toolbox" uncluttered and make the ads stand out and look a little cleaner. Also it keeps a similar look and feel to the nwn wikies which will help people feel comfy with everything.
  • 3) Change the ad banner at the top of this page so it isn't overlapped by the wiki. The tabs “article discussion edit ..." and the corner "The World of Avlis" icon (when the window is resized) overlap parts of the ad banner. Also some of the ads seem to change the fonts and other settings and alter parts of the wiki.
  • We could attach space to the add banner such that it can't be overlapped by the wiki components.
  • We could move the top ad banner to the bottom of the page
  • We could move the top ad banner to the Community portal and donation pages as wiki objects then protect the pages from being changed. We could also add those pages to links and categories so they are easy to navigate to.
  • Change the top ad so it is more like this site the kol wiki
  • this site [1] offers free wiki hosting and they only put ad banners on the side
  • 4) Add a "Donations" link in the "navigation" box just below "Random Pages" and above "Help".
(something like the links "navigation" box here [2] and here [3])
so we can create a page similar to this ... and maybe add some of the ads/sponers there.
  • 3a) Add a "Forums" link in the "navigation" box just above the "Donation" one and link it to the Avlis Forums page.
  • 5) Add interwiki links for
it explains how to add the links here [4] by editing the wiki's mysql database.
This would allow us to seem much more complete and also feel more connected with other nwn communities.
  • 6) The current brown background color makes it hard to read the lables and linked text
  • 7) upgrade the media wiki to the latest 1.6.3+ version. I think we are running 1.3.1. This would let wiki admins edit the boxes on the left making navagation to key elements of our wiki more fun. This would also allow me to fix four above.

Avlis Website

  • Add a "button" (something that would make a new player want to press it) link to the getting started page http://www.avlis.org/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started_In_Avlis. To make it as easy as posible for new players to get started. Maybe put it on the entry page to the site and call it something like "to begin your adventure"
Enter here
To begin your adventure

Wish list

  • If we are changing the website it would be nice to change the main page to something that looks more like you are entering a fantasy world than just another forum (but still has the key functionality) Something kind of like this http://www.the-realms.org/ ... or maybe we could use a touched up screenshot with lots of doors and passageways to click on to go to various key parts of the site ... (getting started, the forum, the wiki ... )

  • Add fantasy style to the forum
I thought these were kind of interesting: