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Name Likeness Information
Clouded Leopard (1303) CloudedLeopard.jpg Rare, aggressive when cornered, tend to range alone or in very small groups, carnivorous
Kirre (93) Kirre.jpg Extremely aggressive when approached, hunt in small groups and keep to specific ranges, able to conceal themselves, excellent at stealth, carnivorous
Avlis Jaguar (98) Avlis Jaguar.jpg a large cat (though smaller than a Dire Tiger), intelligent, tend to wooded areas, carnivorous
Name Likeness Information
Spectacled Bear (1293) File:Spectacled Bear.jpg Very rare, shy, omnivorous
Wild Grizzly Bear (204) Grizzly.jpg An amazingly powerful bear, more carnivorous than its cousins, ranges alone, stays almost exclusively in the forest
Name Likeness Information
Mastiff (1396) Mastiff.jpg Large, friendly, fiercely loyal, mostly carnivorous